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Marvelous Awards
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Marvelous Awards

2020 International Design Contest

Marvelous Awards is an International Design Contest which offers fair opportunities to test designers and artisan their ideas, skills and professional expertise. It delivers choice and inspiration to the phenomenal designers highlighting their achievements.


Architectural Designers, Transportation Designers, Product Designers, Fashion Designers, Developers, Photographers, Film Makers, Films Studio, Engineers, Technologists, Business owners, Students, team or an individual with no age limit can enter the contest and are encouraged to participate with their prototype or completed work.

Award Programs

Marvelous Award Programs are divided into 6 categories:

Architectural Design

Transportation Design

Product Design

Fashion Design


Short Film

Entry Fees

Professional: $12

Amateur : $8

Final Deadline


Winning Level

To insure the quality of being wise, there can be more than one winner in a category. An impartial panel of jury determining a rating scale of 100 points. Entries with a score between 85 and 100 points are the title winners. With a score between 70 and 84 points are 1st runner-up and between 50 and 69 points are 2nd runner-up.

Result Announcement Date


Awards & Recognition

Marvelous Awards winners are honored with a cash prize, trophy and certificate for their achievements. Award winners are well featured with interviews, winners’ seal and certificate of achievements in Marvelous Awards Annual Magazine. This annual magazine is made of different papers, thoroughly equipped with award winning works, specialized fields, design methodology, future programs, and career opportunities.

Marvelous Awards Trophy

The apex of a lifetime achievement, exclusive for the Marvelous; who fly with great creativity.

The 2020 Marvelous Awards Trophy is a gratitude for the imagination that embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is wreathed for the high achiever to the purpose for design excellence, the art they possess, think about and create in the cosmos of design and art.

To reveal the great achievements; to cheer up the quality of being wise, vigor of excitement, victory and wisdom this vivid Trophy is exclusively available for the 2020 Marvelous Awards winners.


Creation of Marvelous Awards exists with correlative aspects; allowing the expression of gratitude for excellence in art to be righteous and empowering one another. Marvelous Awards honor the phenomenal design professionals who demonstrate visionary, innovative, concept and design- Excellence. Whatever you create, create it with all your heart. Appear with compassion and your original style.

Be the part of the creator’s cosmos and illuminate the future.

Contest winners have a chance to win over $4000 in awards.

Enter the awards today:

Deadline: 10/31/2020

Contest Website:




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